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CONCAST STUDIOS' custom concrete products are handmade using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.  All our products are made with little to no waste using the highest quality materials and made to last.  Due to the extreme versatility of concrete, CONCAST STUDIOS can make a large variety of products.  If you can think it up, we can most likely make it for you.  In addition to a wide array of possible products, there is almost no limit to your choices of color.  We are also able to add various aggregates to the cement to further customize products. Finally, CONCAST STUDIOS offers many different finishes.  Whether you want a glass-like, uniform appearance or a rustic look with exposed aggregate, or anything in between, we can make it happen.  


What separates concrete from natural stone is its creative flexibility. Concrete can be formed into shapes and designs that would be impossible or extremely difficult to produce in other materials. We can also integrate sinks, drain boards, and soap dishes into solid countertops. Artistic elements such as inlayed metal, minerals, logos, tile, glass, shell, and various impressions (i.e. leaves, branches) can all be integrated into our concrete products, further enhancing the creativity.  

While we can get very creative with new and unusual products, CONCAST STUDIOS most commonly designs and manufactures kitchen, bath and outdoor bar and/or barbeque countertops; sit-on-top or drop-in bowl sinks; seamless integral sinks (angled ramp and standard 90° trough); fireplace surrounds, mantels and hearths; and firepits. We have also made several other architectural products, both exterior and interior, including stair treads; window stools and ledges; wall niche shelves; planter boxes; benches; table tops; landscape wall trim; and signs.  Our work can be seen in both homes and businesses throughout the state of California. 


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