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glass like concrete countertops in kitchen

Why Precast Concrete Countertops?

Artisanal precast concrete countertops provide beauty, strength and durability, while displaying warmth, versatility and a creative potential that artificial stone and natural materials are unable to achieve.  Concrete's unique manufacturing process and characteristics enable end products that can be made in virtually any shape, color and architectural style.  A variety of aggregates and finishes further increase the seemingly endless possibilities of concrete.  The creative potential of concrete goes far beyond countertops.  We are able to produce a variety of architectural concrete products, including concrete bathroom vanity tops; concrete fireplace surrounds, mantles and hearths; and concrete fire pits and outdoor kitchens. 

It's important that the choices we make for the spaces we live in to accurately reflect our personal style and aesthetic. Whether your style is modern, contemporary, Mediterranean, farmhouse, traditional, etc., CONCAST STUDIOS is able to create a large variety of products to meet each client's individual needs.  

Please visit our             page to learn more about what we do, and who we are.  To discover more about the various products/services we provide, check out our                 page or click on a photo below.  

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